Actinium-225 Technology

Actinium’s Proprietary Ac-225 Cyclotron Based Manufacturing
Technology and Know-how

Our patented technology has been used to produce Ac-225 identical to that from a
thorium generator and free of long-lived contaminants

Gamma spectroscopy

Spectroscopy image showing identical photo-peaks between cyclotron-produced and thorium cow derived Ac-225
: Actinium’s cyclotron-produced Ac-225
:Ac-225 from a Th-229 generator

Spectroscopy shows identical photo-peaks between cyclotron-produced and thorium cow derived Ac-225

Reported QC parameters:

  • Radiochemical purity: >99%
  • Radioisotopic purity: 99.8% with no long lived contaminants

Certificate of Analysis

Specification of Ac-225 Radiochemical. Radioactive Purity: 99.8%

Technology providing a low-cost, commercial scale option to secure Ac-225 supply

Actinium’s 5 US issued patents and 49 Ex-US patents and extensive knowledge covers:

  • Methods of purification and recycling of Ra-226 from a variety of different sources
  • Target design and preparation of Ra-226 targets for proton irradiation via a cyclotron
  • Production and purification of Ac-225 from irradiated Ra-226 targets free of Ac-227 

Actinium has developed an end-to-end solution with demonstrated commercial scalability up to 100 mCi per batch

  • Estimated COGS including CapEx and operational costs for a single cyclotron facility of $650 - $1,000* / mCi, less than 10-20x pricing for currently available material
  • For a program treating 1,000 patients per year this would translate into cost savings of greater than $10 million each year

Production cycle: Radium Recycling, Target Preparation, Target Transportation, Target Irradiation, Target Processing, Ra/Ac Separation, QC of Ac / Ac-Purification, Radium Recycling

  • Fully automated production cycle
  • Irradiation of up to 100 mg Ra-226
  • Medium energy cyclotron (~20 MeV)
  • 120 to 150 h irradiation time per cycle
  • Production of up to 100 mCi Ac-225

*Based on varying price of Ra-226 starting material from $250k - $2 million / g

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