Platform Strategy

The Ac-225 based drug development relies on the patented Alpha Particle Immunotherapy (APIT) platform technology co-developed with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.  We are experts in utilizing our APIT platform for drug development.  Actimab™-A is the most advanced product in development using our APIT platform, currently in Phase I/II clinical trials for acute myeloid leukemia.  The Company intends to develop a number of products for different types of cancer by implementing the following two strategies.

  • mAb Expansion:  The strategy is to identify mAbs with proven safety and robust cancer binding capabilities in unmet needs indications.  Currently three additional mAbs are being reviewed: for antiangiogenesis, prostate cancer and colorectal cancer.
  • “Biobetters” Development:  With our APIT platform, we can create second generation drugs with superior efficacy for marketed mAb drugs.  As patent protection for many native mAbs approaches expiration, we will be able to offer the owners of those mAbs our technology that will create new, better drugs and give them new patent protection.  We intend to form valuable alliances, joint ventures and/or licensing deals with companies having commercial mAb drugs.  We expect this strategy to result in additional growth potential for the company.