Intellectual Property

ATNM’s intellectual property (IP) is key to its success.

The Company owns nearly 20 issued and pending U.S. patents, over 50 issued and pending foreign patents, and valuable trade secrets relating to the manufacture of its products. This IP provides multifaceted exclusivity for the Company’s product pipeline.   

In addition to building its own formidable IP portfolio, ATNM has positioned itself for long-term success in the antibody-based oncology field through in-licensing patents and patent applications from, and establishing collaborations with, world-renowned innovators, companies and research institutions.

The ever-growing collection of patents and patent applications that the Company owns and has in-licensed covers a broad array of inventions.  These inventions fall within several technology groups, such as those listed below.

  • Methods for using the alpha-emitting isotopes Ac-225 and Bi-213 to treat cancer patients.
  • Methods for producing alpha particle immunotherapy-based drugs, known as “APIT”-based drugs.  In essence, an APIT-based drug contains three components: an isotope such as Ac-225 and Bi-213, a chelator such as DOTA, and a MAb directed to a target antigen such as a cancer cell surface marker.
  • Methods relating to APIT-based drug use, such as methods for improving the safety of APIT-based drug treatment.
  • Cyclotron-based methods for producing isotopes.
  • Chelator compositions.
  • mAb compositions and methods of making them.